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May 21, 2024

Basel, May 21st, 2024

Vector8, a fast growing international data/AI transformation partner, is proud to announce the launch of its market activities in Switzerland, following the successful establishment of its AI center of excellence in Skopje, North Macedonia.

At Vector8, founded by seasoned entrepreneurs and international executives Christoph Thommen and Marc Maret, we pride ourselves on our unique consulting approach that not only tackles clients’ challenges but transforms them into opportunities. Our methodology is rooted in a deep understanding of AI's potential and is brought to life through innovative human-machine collaboration. We don't just solve problems; we create quick, tangible results that serve as robust business cases, empowering our clients to advance confidently. This commitment to excellence and swift execution sets Vector8 apart, as we pave the way for organizations to unlock the true value of AI and thrive in the digital era.

Marc Maret (left) & Christoph Thommen (right) - Founders of Vector8

"At Vector8, we envision a world where the seamless integration of human expertise and advanced AI technologies sparks unparalleled growth, efficiency, and resilience across all sectors"  says Marc Maret, Co-Founder of Vector8. "We understand the profound impact AI will have on societies and industries, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this transformation, influencing it positively."

Christoph Thommen, Co-Founder of Vector8, adds, "In this era of rapid transformation, Vector8 stands out with a consulting approach that seamlessly transitions from ideation to business case, and from proof of concept to build and operate. Our agile methodology ensures rapid delivery of fast, measurable outcomes that we co-create with our clients to not only champion AI transformation but also equip them with the tools to harness its full potential."

Vector8 is dedicated to helping our clients with every aspect of their AI journey, from the first step to the ongoing improvement of their solutions. Our approach is comprehensive; we don't just advise, we also create and sustain the solutions, ensuring a smooth shift into the AI-powered future. We think that in the AI era, specialized vertical knowledge is essential for transformative success. That's why we focus on deep vertical expertise starting with the Insurance and Finance sectors, where our profound understanding and innovative strategies combined with a vast set of practical vertical-specific use cases, will foster progress and produce concrete benefits.

Vector8 is committed to staying ahead of the curve in AI, and to that end, the company is expanding a research lab that aims to advance the field by combining human creativity and machine power. Moreover, Vector8 is putting resources into creating an AI integration and acceleration framework to effectively meet the needs of different AI applications and to deliver on various industry-specific AI use cases.

In the pursuit of its mission to become the AI Transformation Partner of choice for present and future industry champions, Vector8 is actively seeking partnerships with academia and technology firms. The company is also in advanced discussions to acquire complementary businesses that will further enhance its geographical footprint, portfolio and capabilities.

About Vector8

Vector8 is an international data/AI transformation partner, pioneering human-AI synergies to transform industries. With a profound business acumen, cutting-edge technologies, and data expertise, Vector8 drives growth and productivity for present and future industry leaders. Headquartered in Switzerland, Vector8 operates across Europe, with its AI center of excellence in Skopje, North Macedonia.

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